Month: June 2019

Six ways to style this summer’s essential white dress

A white dress is the perfect outfit choice for the summer months. The best thing about a white dress is that it can be dressed up for night-time events or dressed down for days on the beach. Styling it the right way means that your white dress can be turned into the perfect outfit for any event.

Six ways to style this summer’s essential white dress

Here are six simple ways to style this summer’s essential white dress.

Add a jacket

The perfect thing to wear with your white maxi dress is a denim jacket. Wearing a jacket breaks up the head to toe white whilst still being light enough to wear in warmer weather. Be sure to choose a lighter denim to go with a white dress so that it doesn’t bring the whole look down.

Choose a hat

Hats are one of the best summer accessories you can have. Choosing the right summer hat can both help to flatter the features of your face and add to your look. Select a hat in a lighter colour to go with a white maxi dress.

Six ways to style this summer’s essential white dress

Wear delicate accessories

The perfect coloured accessories to wear with a dress such as an AX Paris white maxi dress are gold necklaces and bangles. Delicate jewellery looks amazing against any type of flowy white dress.

Choose the right shoes

Add a pop of colour with your footwear to bring an unexpected touch to the outfit. Embellished and brightly-coloured sandals are a wonderful touch with a white dress; however, be sure not to wear anything too bulky, as this will draw most of the attention to your feet.

Unpredictable handbags

The unexpected choice for a bag is always a great idea with a white dress, with the structured bag back in fashion this season. Select a bag in a pastel colour to keep the look light and free-spirited.

Remember what’s underneath

The ultimate thing to remember when wearing a white dress is to choose what you wear underneath wisely. A slip is a necessity because white dresses tend to be see-through – if the dress doesn’t have a slip sewn in, be sure to wear one underneath. You should always wear nude underwear with a white dress, as other colours – especially black – will show through the dress.

Ideas for decorating your park home

Making your park house a park home can come down to the way you decorate it and the furnishings you choose to make the space inside comfortable and inviting for you to enjoy with your friends and family.

Ideas for decorating your park home

You may want to choose a furniture package when you buy your park home, but the way you arrange items like the sofas and chairs in your new park home can make or break the space. Use larger pieces of furniture, such as your sofa, to create zones in your living room. Keep the longest length away from the walls to prevent your park home from looking like a caravan. Instead, position sofas and comfy chairs facing each other with a coffee table between them to create a cosy space to sit and relax.

Bring in storage

Residential park homes are often smaller than the houses you have previously lived in, so creative storage ideas can help you downsize. Think about how you can use the space underneath your bed by furnishing your bedroom with boxes on wheels that can easily be pulled out and tidied away back under the bed. Show off your storage by furnishing walls with shelves, and use attractive wicker baskets to tidy away bits and pieces.

The residential park homes from companies such as can be tailored to your own design specifications, and they offer help and ideas for decorating your park home.

Ideas for decorating your park home

Reflective surfaces

Apartment Therapy knows that mirrors and reflective surfaces can give smaller rooms a more spacious appearance. Place mirrors on the wall opposite windows or glass doors to bounce the light back into the room, and consider how reflective surfaces can gently diffuse light. For example, a shiny worktop in your kitchen can brighten up the whole room.

Don’t overdo it

Decluttering may be necessary, but don’t forget that you can bring a feeling of calm to your space by using a limited colour palette and not overdoing it when it comes to types of materials and styles of furnishings. You can also save some money by showing restraint when shopping for interior furnishings. Instead, think about how your existing pieces of furniture could be painted or reupholstered to fit into your new park home interior design scheme.